18 March 2015

"The Lost Art of Finding Our Way" by John Edward Huth

Huth opens by lamenting our current, sad state of inability to navigate based solely on observation of non-electric devices. He then spends the rest of his very generous book identifying and explaining various ways one can use observations to reliably navigate over land, sea and through air.

Interesting tidbit: If one sits on a beach on a clear even and watches the sun set then rapidly jumps up one can catch a second sun set. Interestingly enough though, in both case the sun has already set and is below the horizon. What we see as the sun set is actually light being refracted around the horizon for our viewing pleasure.

Another interesting tidbits: Ants on stilts.

A scientist got funding to glue stilts to ant legs to test their sense of pacing.

It is true.

I present pictorial evidence:

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