25 June 2014

Why I miss the old Star Trek

Do not get me wrong, I love the new Star Trek movie. It is witty, engaging and has amazing special effects. In the end though, it seems to be missing all of the grand culture of the original movies and TV series (mostly The Next Generation). I fondly remember how Dr. McCoy and Spock would throw out obscure Shakespeare quotes for the other to guess. There would be entire episodes and movies centered on exemplifying a philosophical concept (such as "The Drumhead" about the need to protect human rights on all levels, "Darmok" about understanding your roots or "Tapestry" or "Star Trek IV: The Journey Home" about preserving our environment). Then there is the music: so diverse (Jazz), so moving (Classical), so inspiring (and Classical again).

Star Trek would blend, often beautifully, philosophy, music and morals all together to show how we could become better not at some far distant future point but right now. This is a blending we have seemed to move away from our modern era.

I will continue to enjoy to new Star Trek movies while occasionally sneaking away to watch the old ones.

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