01 October 2013

Taking notes in a new era

Since notification of the demise of Catch (some of the most fantastic note taking software for Android, iOS and the web) I went hunting for a replacement. I tried the ever popular Evernote, but was somewhat underwhelmed.  What I loved most about Catch was the ease of creation, editing and syncing of notes. Evernote has to be paid to use some of its better features and the PC software looked too scary, so I continued my search. Then I found Microsoft's OneNote. OneNote is a brilliant, free note taking software that I wished I had had when I was still in school. And, it works in all the same places as Catch plus the OneNote application is included in most flavors of Microsoft Office. So for anyone looking for good note apps, try OneNote.

Why did I write this? Because, as I was writing an essay in OneNote, I realized that since I switched to OneNote, I have never looked back (something I did frequently with Evernote). So I figured I should share my computing discovery with the world.

The end.

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