17 July 2013

"Decisive" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

The brothers Heath do a wonderful job of detailing how to improve our decision making process. From personal lives to corporate offices, they lay out a solid pattern to make the best decision possible.

Interesting tidbit: PayPal first started as an app for PalmPilot and had to be convinced to become an online payment service.

11 July 2013

John Corrigan - Are We Listening To Our Children?

Apparently, hearing is the first sense we develop and is the one that our brains are best designed to use. In order for children to learn how to effectively listen, they must be shown unconditional respect (which activates the "blue zone" or "adult brain") and be helped to learn how to empathic and emergent listening (being able to put yourself in another's shoes). This is a great video for people who work with children.

John Corrigan - Are We Listening To Our Children?

10 July 2013

"The Great Dinosaur Discoveries" by Darren Naish

In reading this book I had a grand realization: most of our misconceptions about which dinosaurs lived and ate which other dinosaurs is because we know dinosaurs better by the order they were discovered than the order in which they lived. For example, ankylosaurus and stegosaurus died off long before tyrannosaurus-rex started chomping stuff.

Interesting tidbit: A man was sent out to find a triceratop but came back with a t-rex. His sponsors were shocked and elated.

02 July 2013

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

Gutman points out that smiling is ingrained in our biology and persons who smile frequently typically have better, longer lives. Go figure.

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling