15 March 2013

Thoughts on dinosaurs

Do you remember that part in Jurassic Park when the little boy is teasing Dr. Grant about his book not being very thick? Then the doctor's wife chimes in, "Yours was fully illustrated." I love illustrated books (mostly anyway, some things should just be left to the imagination). Especially if they are about something really cool like dinosaurs.

I guess I am still on a dinosaur kick. I have two more thoughts on the subject.

One should always catch on dinosaur reading before trying to answer questions about them. A lot has changed in the past decade alone. Things that used to be considered "wild speculation" about them are now taught as fact. Brontosaur and apatosaurus are the same thing... Birds are dinosaurs... Dinosaurs were killed by a meteor... We know some of their colors...

Second, I am still not sure which is more terrifying:
The giant velociraptors that Jurassic Park wrongly depicts (Based of the size, I think they were actually showing deinonychus:
4-5 foot tall deinonychus
2-3 foot tall velociraptor

but who I am to question Steven Spielberg. Graphics from Wikipedia.org)

Or... that velociraptors were covered in feathers, vastly improving their jumping capabilities.

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  1. Feel free to question Steven Spielberg. I have ever since I saw "A.I." and barely recovered from said travesty.

    On a side note, my high school physics teacher (IB Physics I and II) did an excellent velociraptor impression. He would demonstrate it every time the class got restless and needed to be snapped back to attention. It worked every time. Velociraptor = rapt class.