11 February 2013

Take Stock

There are times in life when you are prompted to take stock of where you are and what you are doing. You may even take a moment to reconcile the two to each other.

And when the prompting comes, it is most important that you act on it. Such promptings do not come often enough or reliably enough to be ignored.

When you choose to reconcile the facets that make you, it will be a long and difficult process to faithfully compare your dreams to reality, your expectations to performances.

And you will want to reconcile the two. The real power of these introspective moments comes when you discover what more you can do.

Take time to craft a plan while your vision is clear and your thoughts are focus. More importantly, take time to write the plan down so that you can read it later.

And when you write it down, make it clear as possible. Many a brilliant word has been lost because they were not recorded clearly enough.

When taking in the moment, try to make it a rich, endearing experiences that can soak and penetrate your being so that they can be treasured and reflected upon in the future.

And when you reflect upon these moments, and you should reflect upon them often, you can be reminded about your life plan. The one you made when comparing.

Follow the plan that you craft until life breaks too far away from it. You will find solace and comfort in knowing what has been done and what yet remains.

And life will break away from the plan. Sometimes it will happen right away and sometimes it will take a long time. Either way, revel in chaos of it all.

As the chaos threatens to consume, remember to step back and breathe… deep… long… breaths… until you can collect your wits again. Wit may save your life.

And even if wit will not save you, it will at least make life, or death, more bearable. Maybe making death bearable is all that can be done. Maybe that will be enough.

In the deepest depths though, you will realize that you are not dying, you are just not living. We were meant to live and life hurts when it is not being used.

And so, you begin to live. You climb mountains, ride rhinos, chatter bears and take every challenge that is thrown at you and you feel fantastic.

Feeling fantastic puts you on top of the world. You find that for once in your life, you, and you alone, are in command of it all.

And then you relax on a much needed vacation. Instead of adventuring throughout the world, you keep it low-key for a while.

While on your vacation you start remembering back when you used to work. It seems like so long ago even though it has only been a few days.

And then suddenly, almost inextricably, your chest is swelling with a great desire to do something. Anything. Relaxing is killing you!

In a burst of vigor you surge forward. A glance at your plan, written in clarity, reminds you of all the things that you should be doing.

And you get back to work, trying to make up for time lost while relaxing. Vacation was fun, but there is still so much to do.

Like a bear waking from a long hibernation you burst onto the scene. Nothing works faster than you, harder than you, smarter than you.

And you do all the work because no one else is competent to do it. No one else can come close to matching you. They are losers.

Then you realize that you are the loser because you are the one so caught up things in things that do not matter that you have forgotten to live once again.

And you start to scorn yourself for being so dumb. How could you have got so caught in such a silly game with yourself?

There comes a prompting, a small wriggling in your toes that makes you think that you should take stock of where you are and what you are doing.

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