30 October 2012

Philip Zimbardo: The Secret Powers of Time

An interesting lecture that delves into the depths of how we as human associate with time. There are six basic temporal orientations: two on the past (past positive and past negative), two on the present (hedonistic--avoiding pain, seeking pleasure, acquiring knowledge--and riders--believing that their life is fated and there is nothing they can do about it) and two on the future (those who have learned that it is better to work than to play and those who believe in a life after death).

Interestingly, the closer to the equator one lives, the more present oriented one is (this makes perfect sense, if you think about it: the more extreme your climate shifts through the seasons each year, the more you will have to plan ahead to survive during the winter). Additionally, religion (or, I suppose, belief in a given religion) can have a strong impact

Philip Zimbardo - The Secret Powers of Time (RSA)
RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

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