02 July 2012

Renata Salecl: The Paradox of Choice

There has recently been a lot of research on choice, much of which is interesting. Salecl discusses how we used to think that choice was a liberating force, that the more choices on has, the more freedom and sociable they would be. We are finding that this is not true. Instead, we spend a lot of time being anxious over our choices and their moral and social implications. When we make the wrong choice, we feel strongly judged and by society, that we have somehow failed to live up to our humanity and we become ashamed of ourselves. When we make the right choice, we feel a bit of joy from making a good choice and then are plummeted into self-doubt about whether we actually made the right choice. Additionally, as we continue to make so many choices about consumption we begin to feel empowered by our consumption and thus liberated when in reality we have actually subjected ourselves to consumption and are not really the masters we thought we were.

Renata Salecl - The Paradox of Choice (RSA)
RSA Animate - Choice

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