07 March 2012

Exporting to Glory

I recently completed another picture in my series of graphics (someday I will name them so that I can more easily refer to them). Once I am done with the graphics I have to export them to raster images so that the photo printer can print them. Previously, I have had to export them at 450 DPI (dots per inches, in printing lingo: the higher the DPI, the better the picture). While 450 DPI is good (most printers can only handle 300 DPI), I would always rather store the images at a higher DPI than a lower one but the graphics software could not handle a higher DPI. Then I found out that I just needed to open my Illustrator files in Photoshop and use Photoshop to export the images. Now I am able to enjoy glorious 1000 DPI. I know that such is beyond all reasonable uses, but I still take comfort in knowing that they are well preserved.

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