29 March 2012

"The Art of Choosing" by Sheena Iyengar

This book explores the process we go through to make choices. It includes an analysis of why many people make the decisions they make and why they avoid others. There is a hefty discussion about people insisting on being able to make decisions, even though they do a poor job at making them (think health care, in which common people decide about their medical treatment despite being in the care of a highly trained doctor). Even though they make poorer decisions, they are happier for the opportunity to make them.

Interest fact: Reactance is what happens when a freedom is eliminated or threatened, people revolt by expressing the newly removed or forbidden freedom as a rebellion.

07 March 2012

Exporting to Glory

I recently completed another picture in my series of graphics (someday I will name them so that I can more easily refer to them). Once I am done with the graphics I have to export them to raster images so that the photo printer can print them. Previously, I have had to export them at 450 DPI (dots per inches, in printing lingo: the higher the DPI, the better the picture). While 450 DPI is good (most printers can only handle 300 DPI), I would always rather store the images at a higher DPI than a lower one but the graphics software could not handle a higher DPI. Then I found out that I just needed to open my Illustrator files in Photoshop and use Photoshop to export the images. Now I am able to enjoy glorious 1000 DPI. I know that such is beyond all reasonable uses, but I still take comfort in knowing that they are well preserved.