14 January 2012

Digital Journaling, Here I Come

With the end of the old year, I was pleased to find myself cleanly at the end of my journal. I love it when things end and begin cleanly. With nigh a page to spare I had to make a choice: buy a new journal or switch to a computerized journal.

The decision was hard mostly because I love paper memories so much. They somehow feel more fulfilling and better preserved (though I know that neither is really true). Perhaps it is just nostalgia. I tentatively started a digital journal to see how it worked and was pleasantly surprised, though I should not have been because I knew what the answer would be.

I have found that I am more apt to write in my digital journal, though in shorter burst (which I think is actually better; perhaps this is only because it is new and thus somewhat exciting and should writing will eventually wane, time will tell). Not only do I write more frequently but I can type faster and often more coherently (mostly because I can easily edit) than I can write my thoughts by hands. This means that I find my entries more meaningful and more passionate that many of my paper entries. Finally, I can record my thoughts wherever I may happen to be (oh, the beauties of technology).

In end, I think this foray into digital journal keeping has been mostly good all around.

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