15 November 2011

Each Generation Building...

A snippet from an essay about the importance of remember. I thought it astounding how quickly the preservation of information has increased as time marches on: 

The great scholars of Rome and Greece were made possible by the recording of ideas and thoughts on papyrus, a substantially more portal system of recording than stone or wooden tablets. The development of “printing” around 200 CE greatly aided the expansion and standardization of religion across the world. When moveable type arrived some 800 years later, cumulative knowledge again surged forward. Moveable type was greatly enhanced by the printing press 400 years later which led to a surge of relatively inexpensive printed knowledge. Presses evolve tremendously in the next 450 years until they finally gave way to automated printing which allowed knowledge to be printed almost instantly without the need to laboriously set the type or manage a full scale press. Finally, in the past 50 years, aided by the personal computer revolution, knowledge is ever more frequently contained within electronic means that are instantly distributable across the world by anyone with a personal computer. Indeed, it can be said that for the first time in the history of the world, a truly global and nearly universal body of knowledge can be assessed.

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