25 July 2011

Whale Study (twice)

Some time ago (last year) I did a whale study:

I planned to make a cool Escheresk graphic with it (for a wedding gift to be sure) but I stopped working on the big picture graphic before it was done (whales do not fit together as nicely as butterflies, fish or birds).

Recently, I was listening in on a phone conference for work. The meeting was quite productive, though my contribution was minimal (literally five minutes out of the hour and a half) though I did glean tidbits of important information that made listening to the call worth the time. As I was listening, I found myself bored. I grabbed some paper and made a real life origami whale study (with magnets on them so they could live on the refrigerator):

Yes, the narwhal is my own genius variation on the whale pattern. By the conclusion of the call I had made two blue whales and two narwhals. By the end of the night I had added two turtles and two walruses. Sometimes I think that I have the best job ever.

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