15 July 2011

Observation: Words Counts Encourage Poor Writing

As I am sitting here writing nine statements, each at least 150 words, I am thinking to myself: "man my writing is getting pretty sloppy. But then, if it is not sloppy I will not make the word count because I will have said what needs to be said and still need 50 words to meet the assignment."

This is certainly not the first time that I have done this, in fact only for one class did I still reach to meet the word count while maintaining good writing (and that was because I knew the teacher would reward me for my articulation and word count). Instead, most teachers just care about the word count, not the clear presentation of thoughts. Thus, word counts encourage me to write poorly because I will be rewarded the same either way--so I focus on things for which I am rewarded for putting more effort into.

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