16 May 2011

Everything is a Game

I found this in my notebook and realized it was never transcribed (or published). It is from 20 December 2009, a rather prolific day for writing.

Everything is a game. At the highest heights and the biggest wins, it is still a game. At the lowest depths and the biggest losses, it is only a game. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you wish to deny it; it is only a game. Even if you do nothing, if you are lazy, slacked and lethargic, it is still a game.

You can never avoid the game. It is all present, all being but not all powerful. While the game is pervasive and ever present, it is not omnipotent. The game we are forced to interact with can be played, ignored, racketed and even beat. While the game never ends, it can be defeated. It can be beat because there are few rules.

These few rules are simple and easy to understand, they are just hard to find. The game does not publish the rules and the crafters and rule makers are not available to ask. The only people who know the rules are the ones that define them while we are in the game. They look as if they have made their own rules, but in reality they have simply defined the game’s own rules and used their own definitions to control the game. And because they control the game, they can make any extra rules they want: like a brilliant game of 1000 Blank White Cards. That is how the game works.

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