26 February 2011

Quiet, Subtle Moments

It is in the quiet, subtle moments:

  • When she smiles and mouths “thank you” so quickly that no else notices but you.
  • When all he can barely keep a straight face because he is so excited.
  • When he can’t say anything at all, because words escape him.
  • When she laughs harder than she’s laughed all month.
  • When she stands on a chair because your presence liberates her.
  • When he cries on your shoulder and tells you his woes.
  • When you cry on his shoulder and tell him your woes.
  • When you both stay up so late that you become delirious, but you still don’t want to go to bed.
  • When she already knows you are having a bad day, but asks anyway.

It is in these, the quiet, subtle moments, that one can learn the true meaning of friendship and love.

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