20 January 2011

Wall Drawings

I have been, on occasion, accused of being juvenile because (at least in part) I love to draw on walls. Though, I understand the general relevance of the argument, I would like to point out, in my defense, that 
  1. I generally keep my wall drawings within the space provided by the giant white board in our living room (which I believe is mine, but I'm not quite sure);
  2. My drawings are far more sophisticated than a five year old's: I use shapes, colors AND words;
  3. In addition to using the aforementioned, I also title the drawings, adding another level of general "coolness";
  4. Wall drawings effectively communicate to the whole apartment, at once and at their leisure, what is on my mind;
  5. Wall drawings are the only remaining evidences we have that some cultures ever existed, thus I am helping to preserve a time honored tradition while leaving potential messages for future generations.
My latest wall drawing was called "Quorum Sending Embedded [or Evidenced] Within Swarm Intelligence (written in Blue):
(Click for a large, legible, version.)

It shows a bee doing its waggle dance and a simple illustration of ants using quorum sensing and swarm intelligence to switch from foraging to caring for the larva.

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