29 January 2011

Late night philosophy

Daniel: Oh, Wisdom.

Wisdom: Yes?

Daniel: Is perfection too much to ask?

Wisdom: In this life, yes. But we strive for it. In the next life, not so much. It is more expected there.

Daniel: Why do so few people seem to even be trying?

Wisdom: That's one of the hardest things to deal with in this life: watching people succumb to less than their potential.

Daniel: This must be what the prophets feels like, but on a much grander scale, when he hears about all our "time wasters" that are really "perfection distracters". And thus we, as a race, fall so far short of what we could be--all so we can laugh at a joke a little too crude, sigh at a love story a little too immoral, be entertained by media a little too lowly and in general embrace a world a little too inferior. I suppose it is mostly a function of laziness. This makes maxim about to mastering time before we can master timelessness. It takes a lot of work to fill our corporeal life with worthwhile things.

Wisdom: Yes, indeed. Now it's time for bed.

Daniel: Okay, thanks for talking. Good night.

Wisdom: Night.

Daniel: Yes it is. (laughs to himself, then out loud)

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