11 January 2011

Arguments I don't understand: Black and Brown

One argument that I still cannot wrap my mind around (mostly because no one can offer any credible guidance) is that black and brown clothes (or shoes) do not go together. My thinking goes like this W{*} = K{*} (mathematical for "white goes with everything" equals "black goes with everything", where I use the crazy definition of everything to mean "every reasonably conceivable color").

Here is my hang up: if black goes with everything, and brown (for example, #8B4513, Saddle brown, as shown below) is part of everything, then doesn't it stand that the two can be worn together?

Tell me, is this offensive?

Well, is it?

I could get the argument if it were more along the lines that putting two non-vibrant, non-energetic, non-exciting colors together can make one seem uncreative, deadpan, and boring, but I have yet to hear that argument. And, there are times which such colors should be worn: when attending funerals, when mourning the end of autumn (when all the leaves start rotting and are black or brown), or when you don't like someone very much and you want them to think you are boring in hopes they find someone else to hang out with (this one doesn't work so well, so use it in conjunction with other tactics). So, until I hear a better reason why black, that color that goes with everything, doesn't go with brown I'm still wearing them together.

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