30 January 2011

"Command, this is BookWorm with priority message..."

//activate transmission: receiving emergency transmission "BookWorm";
...signal acquired...
...server connected...
//active transmission: begin recording AND transcription;
...transcription started...
BookWorm(unit_27): Command, this is book worm with priority message--

Command(Bot_119): This is Command, go ahead book worm--

BookWorm(unit_27): We've detected high levels of boredom in the system, please confirm--

Command(Bot_119): Confirmation of high levels of boredom. Can you locate the source--

BookWorm(unit_27): It appears the source is the book called "The Secret Garden". Please advise--

Command(Bot_119): Acknowledge source as "The Secret Garden, please verify percent completed--

BookWorm(unit_27): Process is at 10% in 2 hours, over--

Command(Bot_119): BookWorm, this is Command, process "The Secret Garden" is processing too slow. We'll burn out the readers at this rate. Abort commands have been sent, please confirm--

BookWorm(unit_27): Command, abort codes have been received and are in process. Have a nice day--
...transcription ended...
//active transmission: clear ALL;
...server will go offline in 5...
...server will go offline in 4...
...server will go offline in 3...
...server will go offline in 2...
...server will go offline in 1...
...server disconnected...

(They tell me the movie is good, but the movie doesn't count for class.)

29 January 2011

Late night philosophy

Daniel: Oh, Wisdom.

Wisdom: Yes?

Daniel: Is perfection too much to ask?

Wisdom: In this life, yes. But we strive for it. In the next life, not so much. It is more expected there.

Daniel: Why do so few people seem to even be trying?

Wisdom: That's one of the hardest things to deal with in this life: watching people succumb to less than their potential.

Daniel: This must be what the prophets feels like, but on a much grander scale, when he hears about all our "time wasters" that are really "perfection distracters". And thus we, as a race, fall so far short of what we could be--all so we can laugh at a joke a little too crude, sigh at a love story a little too immoral, be entertained by media a little too lowly and in general embrace a world a little too inferior. I suppose it is mostly a function of laziness. This makes maxim about to mastering time before we can master timelessness. It takes a lot of work to fill our corporeal life with worthwhile things.

Wisdom: Yes, indeed. Now it's time for bed.

Daniel: Okay, thanks for talking. Good night.

Wisdom: Night.

Daniel: Yes it is. (laughs to himself, then out loud)

20 January 2011

Wall Drawings

I have been, on occasion, accused of being juvenile because (at least in part) I love to draw on walls. Though, I understand the general relevance of the argument, I would like to point out, in my defense, that 
  1. I generally keep my wall drawings within the space provided by the giant white board in our living room (which I believe is mine, but I'm not quite sure);
  2. My drawings are far more sophisticated than a five year old's: I use shapes, colors AND words;
  3. In addition to using the aforementioned, I also title the drawings, adding another level of general "coolness";
  4. Wall drawings effectively communicate to the whole apartment, at once and at their leisure, what is on my mind;
  5. Wall drawings are the only remaining evidences we have that some cultures ever existed, thus I am helping to preserve a time honored tradition while leaving potential messages for future generations.
My latest wall drawing was called "Quorum Sending Embedded [or Evidenced] Within Swarm Intelligence (written in Blue):
(Click for a large, legible, version.)

It shows a bee doing its waggle dance and a simple illustration of ants using quorum sensing and swarm intelligence to switch from foraging to caring for the larva.

14 January 2011

Science Coolness

Though my science class has proven to be very boring thus far, I was really excited to be able to actually observe the emission spectra of Hydrogen and Helium (our teacher brought in hydrogen and helium bulbs and we looked at them through refractive plates).

A sample diagram of the spectra of H and He like what I saw.
It was better than being a little kid again.

11 January 2011

Arguments I don't understand: Black and Brown

One argument that I still cannot wrap my mind around (mostly because no one can offer any credible guidance) is that black and brown clothes (or shoes) do not go together. My thinking goes like this W{*} = K{*} (mathematical for "white goes with everything" equals "black goes with everything", where I use the crazy definition of everything to mean "every reasonably conceivable color").

Here is my hang up: if black goes with everything, and brown (for example, #8B4513, Saddle brown, as shown below) is part of everything, then doesn't it stand that the two can be worn together?

Tell me, is this offensive?

Well, is it?

I could get the argument if it were more along the lines that putting two non-vibrant, non-energetic, non-exciting colors together can make one seem uncreative, deadpan, and boring, but I have yet to hear that argument. And, there are times which such colors should be worn: when attending funerals, when mourning the end of autumn (when all the leaves start rotting and are black or brown), or when you don't like someone very much and you want them to think you are boring in hopes they find someone else to hang out with (this one doesn't work so well, so use it in conjunction with other tactics). So, until I hear a better reason why black, that color that goes with everything, doesn't go with brown I'm still wearing them together.

07 January 2011

Evolution and Religion, again?

Yes, once again I am thrust into the ever boring and pedantic discussion about how religion (at least our church's official position) doesn't conflict with evolution. In fact, while the bible should be considered an authority on why we're here... blah, blah, blah. I am not looking forward to another two days of this discussion.

01 January 2011

Rest in peace, my car Elazar

On 18 Dec 2010, Dead Man's Pass's ice introduced my car Elazar

to Terry's truck's trailer hitch.

The end result is that Elazar has been totaled.

Aside from an adrenalin rush, everyone is fine and well.