18 December 2010

Driving on the Tarmac

A Lesson Learned from the Truckers...

When the road is covered with snow, drive on whatever tarmac you can find, even if it is on the shoulder. When driving back from school the weather wasn't so good and for several miles the road was covered with snow. Not so much snow that it was undriveable but enough that we had to slow down.

I noticed that while the cars huddled closer together trying to stay in their lanes, the trucks had found, and drove on, the two foot patch on cleared road that ran down either sides on the road. The car drivers wouldn't touch this strip of cleared road because it is taboo to drive with your wheels on the wrong side of the rumble strip. Nervous of the snow, and deferring to the more experienced drivers, I decided to try driving on the cleared tarmac. After coasting through the snow and feeling the harsh rumble I was amazed to finally have traction. It wasn't as good traction as clear roads but it was much better than driving on the packed snow. An added benefit was that if the car started drifting back, it would back more traction on the rumble strip and I could get back over.

I realized that deferring to the wise, even if taboo, will often allow for safer and quicker travel than following the norms of the crowds.

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