14 October 2010

To: The Half-Blood Prince

Dear Half-Blood Prince,

Though I am a muggle, your fame for annotating an advanced potions book is well know to me. While such endeavors were surprising to me, in that a student could add so much new and valuable information to what should have been a polished scholarly work, I had no idea that you also studied the equally important, though admittedly not nearly as exciting, subject of the impact of society on the environment and vice versa.

Recently, I was pleased to open up my innocent seeming textbook for my Environment Stewardship class (Jared Diamond's Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed) and was rather shocked, though pleasantly so, to begin reading your commentary on the topic at hand. Though I am still not sure whether it is good that I read your margin notes and occasionally underlined text instead of the actual printed words, I have saved loads of time by doing so. For that I wanted to personally thank you. Your notes have spurred my in-class participation and given me new insight into the text I never read.

Action Figure Daniel

P.S. Would you happen to have an annotated copy of the Business Law textbook? I take that next semester and am a little nervous.

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