30 September 2010

2 Years

P.S. The last post marks 2 years on at least monthly blogging. Not a huge accomplishment, I know, but hey, I party when I can.

P.P.S. I posted this and my last post in a desperate attempt to maintain the tradition of at least a monthly post only to realize that I had a bunch of material to post, it was just on Seth, my "mobile device" not on my computer where it normally is.

Teachers: Can I, May I

(Found this in the notes section on my phone. Apparently I wrote in church on Sunday.)

Grade school teachers seem to love to challenge every child who asks "can I...?"

They say "I don't know. Can you?" 

While this may seem to he a gentle correction of a common gramtatical faux pa, it isn't. It's not even a demeaning put down targeted at the child. It is a lowly mockery of the fact that the teacher has total and absolute control over each and every aspect of the child's life. The teacher is pretending that the child is asking if their body is functioning adequate enough to expel waste. That's not what's being asked. Every child is keenly aware about their ability to use the bathroom, once in the bathroom. What the child is really saying is "I know that you, oh mighty teacher, rule and reign over each and every aspect of my life in such a way that I cannot even defecate, much less empty my bladder, without your express and all knowing consent to my actions. Therefore, I come before you now, in complete and degrading humility, to beg my release in the private confines of the water closet. If it be your will, of course." So consider the shame that comes after saying this to have the teacher question your questioning of your body's capabipities. Adding insult to beaten submissiveness.

05 September 2010

My Small Town

As I return to this small town, I am excited. Did I miss its small and limited shopping options? No, I did not. Did I miss the lack of diverse restaurant choices? No, I did not. Did I miss the over abundance of stop lights and slow speed zones? No, I did not. Did I miss the barren and desolate landscape? No, I did not. I did, however, miss your small town charm. I did miss your moody weather changes. I missed all your loving. But now I'm back.