28 June 2010


After reviewing this blog and many of Google's recent improvements of the Blogger service, I found it necessary to polish up the site a little bit. I cleaned up the tags (getting rid of some that were basically useless), updating other tags, fixing some broken picture links and changing the blog theme. All in all I think the changes bring much improvement.

19 June 2010

Muse on Mutual Exclusivity

(this short is a continuation of my previous essay Quorum Sensing or Natural Leadership)

Mutual Exclusivity ≠ Implied Duplicity as Big Bird ≠ “Roy”
Mutual Exclusivity = Quorum Sensing as Implied Duplicity = Democracy

With quorum sensing, mutual exclusivity becomes a null point as the interpretation of the sensing is more important than the sensing itself. But, quorum sensing cannot operate with implied duplicity as quorum sensing can only handle a single decision at its conclusion, no matter how many options or iterations were available at the outset.

It is not that quorum sensing cannot handle duplicity, but that it cannot handle individuality. In democracy, individual issues can be addressed and resolved mono a mono. With quorum sensing, only the whole can be resolved; individual issues will be weighed in the grand scheme then decided on in the classic quorum sensing method. Thus quorum sensing not only resolves the issues related to individuality, but such issues cannot be separated from the whole without damaging the sensing as a whole.

Though it cannot handle the individual nature of implied duplicity, quorum sensing will, in the end, always pick the optimal option based on the individual and collective needs against the available options, preferences and needs, each weighed against the singular personality. Quorum sensing is also highly resistant to corruption as the whole decides the best option from the available choices.