26 April 2010

How much hot water?

Do you know what a 500,000 BTU flash heater and 300 gallon water tank mean? Warm tile floors, endless hot showers and not worrying about how long ago the last shower was.

Such water heating devices do exist, and we in fact have one installed in our complex. It is wonderful!

15 April 2010

The Drive Home

The lush green hills unroll before you with the low fog dancing around the hill tops and the occasional beam of golden light streaming through to caress the dew covered grass, bidding it good morning before whisking the dew away in little wafts of steam.

Ah, this is life, this is home. Even if a morning like this comes but once a year; this single vista makes all the other moments worthwhile. To hear the birds frolic; to smell the moist air; to feel the gentle morning breeze; to taste the fragrant outdoors; to watch over my little world. This is what life is all about.

12 April 2010

The End of Justice

The time has come for Justice to be decommissioned. After nearly two years of faithful service, he has been reclaimed by his maker. Okay, not really, but I liked the dramatic flair. The Owner's laptop is dying and he wants a laptop like Justice and I have been wanting a smaller laptop and so we are trading. To accomplish this I will be shortly wiping Justice and 'reeducating' in the work ways so that all he knows is the drone stuff and he will become "LT05". Sigh, it is sad that even now I am writing his last post ever. We've had a fun and good run together but we both knew it wouldn't last forever.

02 April 2010

Yeah, Duh!

"Something is not right. Look at his hands," said the officer in random TV show.

Duh. We all know something wasn't right when the eerie music started playing, and we knew it had to do with the hands the fourth time the camera cut away from the dialog to focus on them.

Arg. If only life itself could be so simple.