27 March 2010

Introspection on Trees, Life and Time

Life moves and courses through the veins of time: ebbing and flowing to fill its needs and breathe energy into its purpose. It is with this life that our journey turns into the vast and unending arc of our story. Each thread, each vein runs along so small and fragile, gradually meeting another vein and then another until a vast network of time is wrapped in the grasps of life. These networks, each a story arc of their own, are connected to others which are in turn connected to yet others, creating a massively complex array of stories, of life, of experience. No one vein could stand on its own and yet the whole would not exist if any single strand were removed. Each is vital, each is essential for the purpose and function of this vast ensemble to be accomplished.

The one is the whole; the whole is the one.

The veins flow from the tiniest startings until they gather with more veins. Structures of veins combine: twisting their way into broad, lush palettes. Leaf after leaf connects to twig and twigs to branches and branches to trunks. All at once, with introspection, the grand beauty of the marvelous tree of life is unfurled before you. This is your tree, your story, your time. The marvel of it was too hard to see before when you were experiencing the tiny vein in the leaf, on the twig, connected to the branch, emerging from the trunk, growing out of the ground. But now, through the lens wisdom, you can see it. A tear trickles down your face and falls to the ground. A tribute, a memory, a monument to all the pain, agony, sin, suffering and sorrow you couldn't understand before now.

The tree is time; time is the tree.

Why couldn't you see before now? When life and time were the hardest, could you not have taken a step back to see and comprehend what it was all for? The answer is simple, though not easy. All the events of your life and time have combined together to grow this single masterpiece with all of its beautiful intricacies and glorious textures. Even if you had the lens you have now, it would have done you no good. The tree you see standing before you is the final product: you had to come to a conclusion to see it. Any look before would have revealed a struggling sapling yearning to be much more but unable to break the canopy overhead, to cut through the thick roots below, suffering from the same demons you suffered from. Because the sapling was you.

A moment in time; forever in eternity.

A snapshot taken at your weakest moment, your greatest struggle, would be a pathetic reflection of your great journey. Your grandeur is not in the tears you shed in sorrow, nor in the scars that tell of your pain, or the sapped bark covering your broken limbs. Your grandeur, your supernal wonder is that you made it. After all those cold bitter nights, fierce storms and long dry summers, you made it. You finally breached the canopy and entrenched your roots to stand firmly yesterday, today and forever. This is who you are, this is who you were and this is who you will be: strong, unfailing, immortal. All of this is from life moving and coursing through the veins of time, ebbing and flowing to fill its needs and breathing energy into what would become the great and masterful you.