22 February 2010

It is strange when…

It is strange when tiny little dogs chase you down. It is strange and funny for two reasons. First, they can barely open their mouths wide enough to get a decent bite, much less have strength to do much damage. Yes, it can hurt, but not as much as a flesh eating dragon. Second, every time they get close to you, as in five feet, they retreat because they are scared.

It is strange when you see a horse that is completely fascinated by a muskrat on the other side of the fence. The muskrat is sitting scared to death wondering why the horse hasn't eaten him yet, only to later realize that horses don't eat muskrats and that the horse can't jump the fence.

It is strange when someone gives you a valuable piece of information that should progress the relationship to a deeper level. When you give back a comparable piece of information they are confused. What you thought that they thought was valuable, wasn't. What you thought was valuable and gave to them, they didn't think was valuable.

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