04 February 2010

How to [politely] prevent 'butt grinding'

When I toured BYU-I almost two years ago I noticed that the long, smooth hand rails in the library had been defaced by random nuts that had been bolted every few feet in the railing. It took me a little bit before I realized that the bolts were designed to discourage butt grinding (aka sliding down the rails). The library handrails are the only ones with bolts though. Instead clever engineers came up with better ways of discourage the frowned upon practice. One such method is to create staircases at such sharp angle (pictures above) that sliding down them would accelerate an individual to such speeds that they are likely to impact on the very closely placed wall and thus suffer extreme injury.

P.S. The bolts in the library have since been removed, and Daniel has succumbed to the urge of sliding down the rails. It is this author's opinion that the rails were designed were butt grinding.

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  1. Scott is totally guilty of it. It's that rail in the hart that makes me so nervous because it's so steep!