30 December 2009

Yes, I have an "Andrew Lloyd Webber" CD...

Several years ago I first watched a DVD of the "Phantom of the Opera". I was appalled. It seemed like a twisted, twisted love story and I denounced it forever. In the middle of last semester, the school had a masquerade and one of my roommates kept playing the Masquerade song. I remembered how catching it was.

I admit I was hooked and started listening to the soundtrack again. I told myself it was just a phase. Honestly.

I was making new music CDs for my drive back home when I realized I should have an "Andrew Lloyd Webber" CD. So I selected my 4 and 5 star songs from him and saw it would take two discs. "There is no way I like enough of Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and other songs I don't even know what they belong to, to justify two CDs," I thought. I looked again and realized that most of the first CD was from the Phantom of the Opera. I guess I have to admit that I do really like the Phantom, at least the music.

In case you're wondering there will be only one "Andrew Lloyd Webber" CD...

But there will be a "Phantom of the Opera" CD too. The grand sweeping melody of the Overture, the bone tinglingly "Think of Me", the bright and punchy "Masquerade", and even the sobering "Learn to be Lonely" are just too good to not be listened to.

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