09 November 2009

INL is cool!

I just became one of a tiny, tiny percentage of people to have ever seen the Cherenkov effect live, in person. Today I skipped my classes and tagged along with a BYUI Resource Management class as they went to Idaho National Laboratory. We saw ERB-1, the first power plant in produce usable electricity, and has since been decommissioned. Then we had lunch and saw the real beauty: ATR (Advanced Test Reactor). This is the reactor they use to test materials to see how long they can last. Though I didn't get to see inside the reactor, like the picture below, they did just shut down the reactor and had ejected some fuel rods and moved them into storage in their canal. They were still glowing bright blue. It was awesome. I looked, then when to look else but kept coming back to look again and again. All in all, it was awesome whether it was "once in a lifetime" or not, I am glad I skipped classes to see this.

INL's Advanced Test Reactor


  1. You can learn more about Idaho National Laboratory's research projects and view videos at the lab's facebook site. http://www.facebook.com/idahonationallaboratory

  2. INL is way cool. And even though I'm not your friend on Facebook, I am now following your blog!! MUAHAHAHA