10 October 2009

White Board: A Community Story

In my Comm class we talked about things that can be done to foster lateral communications in organizations. One suggestion was to turn cubicles and work spaces inward so everyone shares a common area, perhaps even with a white board. Later that afternoon I came home find that one of my roommates had purchased a number of paintings from DI and replaced the old tired paintings with new tired paintings. The change was inspiring and I longed for a white board to add to the mix. Then an idea struck me. What is a white board? It is a white laminated non-porous surface. What else is a white laminated non-porous surface? A refrigerator. So we have converted our fridge into a community white board (thanks to magnetic dry erase markers). Information, quotes, drawing, jokes and points now flow easier through the apartment. I think everyone resident, and a few non-residents, of the apartment have used the pseudo white board. How true the priciple is: give the community a low tech, easy form of self expression and it will come together to use it.

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  1. Cool. One of the apts I lived in had a whiteboard and it was awesome.