26 October 2009

'N' is for November, new, notebook, nose and Neptune

November is a good month. I'm done with mid-terms and have grades back, I get a new phone and I get to go home for Thanksgiving break. I am excited.

Phone (my mobile phone) has not been well as of late. In fact, he is chronically ill (if you can call getting old an illness). His battery used to last for days and now lasts for a day, half a day if I talk to a lot of people. His screen is wearing out. It's not broken, cracked or damaged. No, it's just been used so much that the plastic that protects the screen has split from my hear pressing on it day after day, year after year. The old glue has lost its form and is starting to move after two years in the moist humid Oregon, the dry dusty Idaho and numerous states and countries in between (not really in between but around). So I am slated to get a new phone. Unfortunately, I have to wait as the phone I want is not coming out for a couple of weeks.

I found out that I am a better persuader than I normally gave myself credit for, but this time it wasn't really for much good. The Disneyland Dad wanted to know what he could do to get more out of his ailing laptop and I told all the coolness of mine, Justice (which is actually the company's laptop), and now he wants it back for himself. So, I have to find another laptop in November.

November also means that the world, or Rexburg at least, is getting colder and thus my nose will be getting cold. Have no fear though, I have a plethora of cold weather gear including some wonderful scarfs that will keep my nose warm.

I really have nothing on this distant planet that is sometimes the farthest planet and sometimes not (it's true). It just fit with the theme.

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