05 October 2009

The day for the rest of the year

No longer will I be rushing to the window to look for snow. It snowed today, rather last night. It is a sad day, compared to autumn, but it was inevitable. Some trivia about the First Day of Snow:
  • A salamander (or newt, we're not really sure which it was, though we did name him Sampson and tried to find him a warmer home, more on that later) doesn't do so hot in the freezing cold.
  • No-show socks in boots don't go well together. The boot rubs weird on your feet and pull leg hairs AND worst of all the boot slowly slides the sock down the heel, then under the heel until the whole of the sock is wrapped around the toes. 
  • Boots don't have to be tied to work and in fact with no-show socks I think it works better as the socks don't seem to shift as much and if they do it is much easier to remove the boot and correct the sock.
  • Elazar shouldn't be parked next to the vintage car in the parking lot because the vintage car has a cover and Elazar doesn't. He feels a little bad but he isn't going to get a cover.
  • Idaho snow mocks you on the First Day of Snow by only snowing on trees, grass, cars but not a real snow that sticks to the pavement.
  • The Idaho Snow Coat was a little bit of overkill. It's still sweatshirt weather.

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