09 September 2009

Some goals just need time

In 2008 I set a somewhat ambitious goal when I went off to school in Idaho. I decided that I would see a moose in the wild. I had heard that they were running around all over in this area so I didn't think it would be too hard of a goal. I talked to people who knew where to find them, I ventured out frequently, I even arranged some Moose Hunting parties (much like Frog Hunting). All of which failed to produce any sighting of moose.

I had given up on my goal to see a moose and moved on to other things. But today I am proud to say that I can scratch moose off my list of "Animals to see in the Wild".

I had been out at the Camas National Wildlife Refuge in the afternoon. I went there to go on a hike but it was too hot so I just read a good book instead. Towards the evening I started to get hungry and decided to head back to the apartment for dinner. As I was driving I saw a massive beast rising out of the water and running to the road. It was a moose. I slammed on my brakes and frantically grabbed for my camera. I had enough time to get a few pictures before the moose got too far away for a good picture.

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