25 August 2009

Victoria Canada! (well, really the Butchart Gardens)

My dad and I recently got back from a trip to Victoria, BC, Canada. I love that city! More particularly we went to the Butchart Gardens. Though it wasn't my first time to Canada or Victoria, the trip did have several other first including my first ferry ride. As were driving up my dad asks:

"Are you going to take the car of the ferry?"

"There's a ferry!" I exclaim.

"Yes, Daniel. There's a ferry," my father replies in a patient tone.

As I had time to think about it I did vaguely recall that the directions I brought up to figure out how far it was to Victoria mention a ferry, but I had forgotten. I thought they would have built a bridge, but I guess spanning a large stretch of ocean is too difficult. Out timing was perfect though: we arrived in time to run, literally, onto the ferry.

This is from the "Sunken Garden". This part of the gardens is in an old limestone quarry. It reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland.

The stair that led to the top of the a stone platform in the Sunken Garden.

Moss bears. They had a variety of moss animals, including moose. and squirrels, but no real animals.

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. This is their Parliament building.

Commission is such a wonderful word. It can mean so many different things. For example, one can get paid commissions for selling something. Also, one can commission something to be done in which case one would become the commissioner. As I read this sign I first thought of the second example and then thought "at least they have a central person to get conflicts of interest going. In the states we wait for them to happen almost by accident."

A walkway into the ocean, in case you don't want touch the sand. Seriously the beach is so skinny I don't think that even with the tide out this would do you much good.

Literally a house boat neighborhood. There is is blocks worth there.

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