07 August 2009

If it were a snake it would have bitten you! part 2

August came and I was getting ready to go back to school. Through the hectic process of purchasing store of stuff and opening two stores of our own a lot of stuff that nobody wanted to deal with at the time had been crammed anywhere it would fit. Most of the stuff went to a back corner of the warehouse where few but me ever ventured. Through the summer I had grown tired of hearing “didn’t we buy one of those from the stores?” The rumored list of the items purchased had proved impossible to find, and I wouldn’t have trusted it anyway. I decided it was high time to gather all the technology stuff from everywhere, get rid of the useless stuff, repair the worthwhile stuff, and get as much as possible into production.

Going through the warehouse was fairly easy as most of the technology was in one place. Confidence and I took a truck load of stuff to a donation center and I began amassing a second pile. After the warehouse was cleaned out I took on the supply room.

The Supply Room had long ago become the premier storage center for everything that nobody knew anything about. I decided to clean the whole thing out and organize it. I had chosen the perfect day as there were few other people around to monitor what I was throwing away. My general rule: if we haven’t used in four years, we probably won’t use it in the next year. The donation pile grew and grew, nearly doubling in size.

Towards the end of the cleaning I rearranged the files and tackled the bottom shelf. On the bottom shelf was a number of white Plexiglas sheets with white tube screwed to them and wires running everywhere. They had appeared on the bottom shelf sometime while I was at school and nobody knew what they were.

I pulled them out and as I carefully read the tiny writing of the tube and realized that alien-like things were the antennas that go to the used wireless devices. I had seen them all summer, it just took a while to realize that I was actually looking for them. If they were snakes they wouldn't have gotten me. But if they were walking sticks, they could have stayed there for a very, very long time.

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