06 August 2009

If it were a snake it would have bitten you! part 1

Some time ago, right before I left for school, my employer purchased the inside of a few stores from another company that was liquidating them. Among the items purchased were several Cisco wireless access points, scanners, copiers and other expensive equipment. I left for school and Renown helped oversee the removal of said equipment. When I got back from school I commented that our new stores should have wireless because we bought new Cisco wireless devices. The owner agreed but didn’t know where any of the devices were. In fact, he commented that we should have a plethora because of the new ones that we bought and thought we have sent back and the used ones we bought that he had personally watched the removal of.

I searched every IT room we had and for months had no luck.Finally, mid-summer I was in desperate need of a CAT5 cable in one of the new stores and found a box that had several such cables. As I dug through the box I also found the once lost wireless devices that we had bought new. I was so excited and got them setup right away. The owner however, grew anxious because we were still missing the used wireless devices. “We sent the Ciscos with the antennas together,” he kept saying. I kept thinking “Antennas, I would think that I would have noticed if there were a bunch of antennas laying around:

A couple of weeks later I was cleaning out the IT room at the warehouse and realized that if the old Cisco wireless devices had been hungry snakes they would have bitten me, spit me out, bitten me again, then they would have eaten me before I even realized they were there. As I went into the IT room I looked at The IT shelf, and there, right in front of me, were six Cisco boxes. Two were for the wireless in the warehouse and were empty. The other four each had a single device in them each marked for the location we had removed them from. They had been right in front of me, and I had in fact been looking at them, the whole time. I had found most of the missing technology, but we were still out antennas.

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