31 August 2009

The Best Person

"They're just not the best person for the job," Boss said.

"I know, but at least it will get done," was my reply

"But it could be anyone," he continued. "We picked Friend almost at random," he sounded a bit defeated. "We're paying Friend too." He paused for a moment before continuing. "It could have been anyone: Confidence, Smooth, Respite, anyone. Truth, we just picked Friend without thinking who would actually know the best price to sell it for."

"But at least we would have some money," I said. "Some money now is better than a little more money later. Isn't it?"

"I guess so," Boss said in defeat. "If nothing else, we'll at least have a catalog of the stuff."

There was a brief moment of silence. I was about to escape when Boss tried once more.

"Stalwart would be better," he exclaimed.

"But look who we have painting doors at the DC," I said. I had spent most of that morning painting three days at the warehouse.

"You didn't have to paint those," Boss said. "Stalwart could have done that. It would have taken a week, but it would have been the right person."

"And yet, it has been four years since we got those doors and they still hadn't been painted," I said. "At least this way the doors are painted and we Friend will sell some of our stuff."

There was a moment pause between us.

"It is better to just get it done, even if it is the wrong people doing it," I said as I smiled and left.

The moral is that sometimes you can use management to get things done but sometimes you can't. Sometimes everyone, including the managers are so busy working on yellow alert with nearly critical issues that the small things slip through the cracks and once they have slipped long enough, like unpainted doors, you get used to them and stop thinking of it being incomplete and just think of it as a bad job.

At least, one week before I leave back to school, the doors are painted.

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