28 July 2009

Wondering what a non-two-wheel bicycle is

I went to the Library Saturday to get a book to read. Because I had no quarters to pay to park in the parkade I parked on the street a little ways past the library and enjoyed a nice sunny walk. From the place I parked to the Library I walked past City Hall and the following sign:

My first thought was "oh, they don't want anyone getting ran over, this makes sense." Then I stopped and walked back to the sign to reread it. My second thought was "what kind of BIcycle has more than TWO-wheels?" If it has three wheels we call it a TRIcycle (tri meaning three) and if it has four it is fondly known as a 'quad' and is usually motorized. Further, it has just one wheel it is a unicycle and a bicycle with training wheels is exempt as it has four wheels.

My third and last thought on this sign was "why, exactly, did they (meaning whomever had the sign made) clearly and precisely distinguish between BIcycles in general and TWO-wheel BIcycles?"

As I was wondering this I got my camera and took a picutre.

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