09 July 2009

Beware the Monster within

I was watching a rather good Batman: The Animated Series episode ("I am the Night") where Batman paraphrases Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher who once said “Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” I reflected back on a conversation I had had earlier in the day and realized that I had started to become a monster, the very kind of monster that I was fighting.

Further I realized that the sane are the people are the ones who have to fight the hardest. Their fight is not hard because the insane are particularly strong but rather the sane people ones are trying maintain order and the insane are okay with letting it all fall apart. So the sane not only have to battle all the crazy things insane people do but they have to maintain the very ideals that they are fighting for. They can’t fight fire with fire without walking joining the insane. Sure they have some explanation or excuse, but so do the insane. We tag them as insane because their reasoning doesn’t make much sense and the sane people’s reasoning stops making sense too, then the sane have become insane themselves.

These two thoughts together make me think about how easy it is in a war to become the very thing you are fighting to destroy.

How easy it is how the monster within to tame to person without.

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