03 June 2009

The weirdest spider I ever did see

So I was sitting on a stone wall at the beach watching the waves come is and crash against the wall.

Suddenly, something on the wall caught my attention. I glanced at it then froze. I was watching a small eight legged creature jetting towards me. Not like when people jet and their moving at breakneck speeds, but jetting the way little creatures do. It was the weirdest spider I ever did see. It was about the size of a quarter but with a big body and big legs, in fact nothing about it seemed proportional. As it got about two feet away from me, right as I was starting to worry, it veered off and fell off the side of the wall. The whole thing seemed rather odd but then I realized it wasn't a spider. It was a tiny crab and it jumped off the wall to join the other crabs.

The rocks below were in fact covered with other crabs busily eating and spitting. Yes, the crabs spit. Not the polite tilt and spit kind either. They shoot long and straight in front of them, sometimes it is even synchronized spitting which is actually cool to watch. After a little while though I was wishing I had sea anemones to feed the crabs to.

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