11 June 2009

My Crazy Thursday

My Thursday was a crazy but fun and good day (so much so I thought I would tell the world about it). To start with I went in early so that a Network Technician could work on our network. That morning I had purposely laid out some metal that I needed to get soldered. What use is laying stuff out if you don’t forget it? I forgot the metal.

After the tech was done I went home for lunch and to get the metal and to take a nap. The nap was wonderful. I think that doing a few hours of work then taking a nap before returning to work is one of the most amazing work setups. I wish I could do it every day. But what use is going back home to get something you forgot if you don’t forget it again? I forgot the metal again.

I headed back home. As I was stopping for a light I was watching so birds frolicking in the sky. Suddenly, BAMM! Just kidding, I didn’t hit anything. I did watch as one of the birds dropped from the sky and landed in the turning lane next to me. What use is seeing something fall out of the sky for the first time if it was just a plain bird? It wasn’t a bird.

I crept forward to get a better look and the dead bird but instead starred in disbelief. It wasn’t a bird. It was a fish. A dead fish had just fallen out of the sky and landed next to my car. I know it’s crazy. The light turned green before I could get my camera out and by the time I came back it was squished.

So I got the metal and went to work, again. Work was fairly normal/boring. T asked me if I was working Friday. I told her I thought I might be ill (read: “not interested in working”) and that said illness might last through Monday. She said that I had just got back from vacation and had no business trying to take a four day weekend. I had to try, right?

After work I went to Confidence’s house so that I could use his dad’s soldering iron. The solder work wasn’t the best, but was good enough. I then got to see Confidence’s art work, which is amazing. He does a lot of work with clay and some paintings. It was a marvelous end to a good day.

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