14 June 2009

Comments, Please

I am fascinated by the broad reach and depth present. From happy, bubbly overflowing joy to vast, barren empty sorrow, it is all here. With a sweep of a hand you could capture nearly the entire repertoire of human emotion. This is a rare collection to see all displayed at once. My favorite part was “the moment”. That one single instance where all that you are, your blank superficial face, your true feelings, your sorrows and pains, your hopes and dreams, your demons and monsters, even you Gethsemane, all of these, you realize, tell the wonderful story of where you have been, where you are going and most of all where you are now. This is my story, realized in the one moment. But even after that moment it is too easy to just go back to what I was before. No matter how much you pretend it didn’t happen, you know. You know in the back of your mind it did happen.

We were talking about the airplane flight, right?

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