14 June 2009

Comments, Please

I am fascinated by the broad reach and depth present. From happy, bubbly overflowing joy to vast, barren empty sorrow, it is all here. With a sweep of a hand you could capture nearly the entire repertoire of human emotion. This is a rare collection to see all displayed at once. My favorite part was “the moment”. That one single instance where all that you are, your blank superficial face, your true feelings, your sorrows and pains, your hopes and dreams, your demons and monsters, even you Gethsemane, all of these, you realize, tell the wonderful story of where you have been, where you are going and most of all where you are now. This is my story, realized in the one moment. But even after that moment it is too easy to just go back to what I was before. No matter how much you pretend it didn’t happen, you know. You know in the back of your mind it did happen.

We were talking about the airplane flight, right?

11 June 2009

My Crazy Thursday

My Thursday was a crazy but fun and good day (so much so I thought I would tell the world about it). To start with I went in early so that a Network Technician could work on our network. That morning I had purposely laid out some metal that I needed to get soldered. What use is laying stuff out if you don’t forget it? I forgot the metal.

After the tech was done I went home for lunch and to get the metal and to take a nap. The nap was wonderful. I think that doing a few hours of work then taking a nap before returning to work is one of the most amazing work setups. I wish I could do it every day. But what use is going back home to get something you forgot if you don’t forget it again? I forgot the metal again.

I headed back home. As I was stopping for a light I was watching so birds frolicking in the sky. Suddenly, BAMM! Just kidding, I didn’t hit anything. I did watch as one of the birds dropped from the sky and landed in the turning lane next to me. What use is seeing something fall out of the sky for the first time if it was just a plain bird? It wasn’t a bird.

I crept forward to get a better look and the dead bird but instead starred in disbelief. It wasn’t a bird. It was a fish. A dead fish had just fallen out of the sky and landed next to my car. I know it’s crazy. The light turned green before I could get my camera out and by the time I came back it was squished.

So I got the metal and went to work, again. Work was fairly normal/boring. T asked me if I was working Friday. I told her I thought I might be ill (read: “not interested in working”) and that said illness might last through Monday. She said that I had just got back from vacation and had no business trying to take a four day weekend. I had to try, right?

After work I went to Confidence’s house so that I could use his dad’s soldering iron. The solder work wasn’t the best, but was good enough. I then got to see Confidence’s art work, which is amazing. He does a lot of work with clay and some paintings. It was a marvelous end to a good day.

07 June 2009

The Unprototypical Samuel

When Samuel woke up that morning he didn’t expect anything unusual to happen. In fact, as he stepped out onto the welcome mat outside 4224 Rocky Overview drive he couldn’t even think of anything unusual that could happen. As he walked out onto the sandy beach just outside his door he stretched in the island sun. It was a good and quiet morning. Samuel looked up and down the street. Many of his neighbors were also standing on the beach looking as the ocean waves crashed on the shore. A few were even playing in the morning swells.

Samuel ducked back inside to grab his breakfast. Eating breakfast on the beach watching the waves come in and out was one of his favorite things to do. Had he known what would happen to him he might have had something different for breakfast. As it was he didn’t know so he stuck with his normal breakfast of thick algae water, it works wonders on the body. Had he known that something unusual would happen to him he might have waved to neighbors. As it was he didn’t know so he didn’t wave to them.

The sun rose and made the beach sand so hot that Samuel couldn’t stand on it anymore. He headed back into his house as did most of his neighbors. The tide rose all the morning and into the afternoon until it peaked at 3:35 in the afternoon. Samuel’s house was so close to the ocean and sometimes the tide was so high that some of the water spilled into his front door. Today was one of those days. When that happened Samuel simply took a nap and waited for the tide to go back. That is what he did today.

His nap was a prototypical nap. When he woke up he couldn’t remember his dream, but it didn’t matter much because he was hungry. Samuel headed back to his front door to see how much water the tide had left. It wasn’t much but Samuel mopped it up anyway.

Samuel once again stood on the beach outside his front door. He stretched as he wondered what he ought to do for the rest of the day. Had he known what was about to happen to him he might have packed up his house or at least some essential items. As he didn’t know he left everything where it was and prepared his lunch. Had he know what was to happen he might have called his mother. As he didn’t know he didn’t call her.

Instead of doing any number of things that would have prepared him for any number of unusual things that might have happened Samuel decided that he would eat lunch, take a swim in the ocean and then start his evening with a bath. Perhaps the only slightly helpful item on his list was eating lunch. It is much easier to handle a variety of unusual things that might happen when you’re not hungry.

Samuel began eating his lunch. It was the usual mixture of algae water and shell fish. Just after his third bite he was rudely interrupted by the thump at his door. He walked to the door and looked outside. No one was there. He went back to lunch. After a few more bites he was again rudely interrupted by a much louder thump at his door. Samuel again went to the door and looked outside. No one was there. Samuel went back to his lunch. He ate a few more bites before there was a third thump at his front door. This time it was so loud that it shook his whole house. When he reached the front door he ran onto the beach and looked around.

He was all alone on the beach, the warm sand beneath his feet and the deep blue sky overhead.
He turned around and saw the source of the thumping. Sitting on a ledge against the sand dunes was a full sized person. This was the beginning of the unusual things in Samuel’s life. It was unusual for a person to venture this far down the beach. It was unusual that the said person would stop and sit on the beach in this particular location. It was unusual that Samuel would be standing alone on the sand. All these things added together deserved further investigation.

Samuel took one more look around. He was alone on the beach, just him and the person. He started to walk toward the person. Samuel was a curious crab by nature and so the many unusual events all happening at once more him so interested that he almost forgot that it was dangerous for crabs to run to people. In fact he had already ran halfway between his home and the person before he thought that it was look a little suspicious to have a small crab running to greet a person.

Samuel stopped and grabbed a small shell lying nearby. He ran the shell through his mouth as if he was looking for food. He dropped the shell and ran some more only to stop again. This time he was feeling around a hole and noted that it could work for cover. These he had done just as a guise. His eyes remained locked with the person’s. They never blinked or veered but remained fixed.

The tiny crab kept running toward the person. He starred into the deep soulful eyes. They seemed surprised, as they should be. It was unusual for crabs for run to people and the eyes could hardly believe that a crab would run to them instead of running away. The eyes watched as the crab ran and stopped, ran and stopped. They began to realize that the crab was running to their feet and though it pretended to be looking for food it really wasn’t. It was coming to talk, it was coming to say ‘hi’, it was coming to deliver a message.

The crab stopped. The crab stopped a few feet away. The crab stopped a few feet away from the person.

The person smiled at crab. The crab smiled at the person.

The person lowered its head and Samuel looked away.

When Samuel woke up that morning he didn’t expect anything unusual to happen. He hadn’t eaten something different for breakfast, he hadn’t waved to his neighbors, he hadn’t packed up his house, he hadn’t even called his mother. Samuel now knew that today was an unusual day and he wasn’t sure how to finish the day. He could go back to his house, back to his neighbors, back to his algae breakfast or he could move on.

He looked again at the person as he tried to decide what to do. Then his mind was made up. He ran past the person and carried on down the beach. He left 4224 Rocky Overview drive behind and never looked back. He would find another house.

When Samuel woke up the next morning he expected unusual things to happen.

03 June 2009

The weirdest spider I ever did see

So I was sitting on a stone wall at the beach watching the waves come is and crash against the wall.

Suddenly, something on the wall caught my attention. I glanced at it then froze. I was watching a small eight legged creature jetting towards me. Not like when people jet and their moving at breakneck speeds, but jetting the way little creatures do. It was the weirdest spider I ever did see. It was about the size of a quarter but with a big body and big legs, in fact nothing about it seemed proportional. As it got about two feet away from me, right as I was starting to worry, it veered off and fell off the side of the wall. The whole thing seemed rather odd but then I realized it wasn't a spider. It was a tiny crab and it jumped off the wall to join the other crabs.

The rocks below were in fact covered with other crabs busily eating and spitting. Yes, the crabs spit. Not the polite tilt and spit kind either. They shoot long and straight in front of them, sometimes it is even synchronized spitting which is actually cool to watch. After a little while though I was wishing I had sea anemones to feed the crabs to.