16 March 2009

William gets some new friends

I was bored the other day in my design class and started build a random mountain, making clouds and constellations. You know, the normal "I'm bored" stuff. I brought in William the Lion and some of his friends to make the scene more complete then I rolled the whole thing into an ad (advertising class was later that day) just for fun. Finally I decided that William needed some more friends and have recently finished expanding his friends out from the original four (William, T-Rex, King of Kong and the Peran Seamonster) to a total of 18 different animals. Some of the new additions include Iselcaan the Seamonster, the sea creature Yasmine (rounding out the trio of things most feared by lions who read too much), our beloved Eli the Donkey, Tycho the Bear, Remey and the Seamonkeys and the makestic Takara the white Wolf.

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