06 March 2009

Tears of the Crying Rain (first)

(continued from Seer in the Pool)

The room was dark, very dark. Sarah and Nathan just stayed behind the door listening for footsteps. They heard some coming but they turned and headed down the hall and headed to the Seeing Pool.

Nathan turned around slowly. He gasped and froze. Sarah turned around and froze as well. The room that they were in was filled with hundreds of tiny faint lights. It took Nathan a minute to realize that the lights were all moving. But the light wasn’t what captured Nathan’s attention. In the middle of the room was a simple wood chair with a young girl sitting in it that seemed distantly familiar to Nathan. The girl seemed aware of the Sarah and Nathan being in the room but uncaring.

Nathan was mesmerized by the dancing lights. The lights slowly spun and moved around the room. The lights were starting to gather around the girl’s outstretched hands. They collapsed into a tight ball which she coupled her hand around. Her eyes flew open and both Nathan and Sarah were caught in the gaze of her shimmering grey eyes.

A humming filled the room, like a child playing a game. As it grew louder the humming changed to a teasing, almost lyrical taunting.

“The time has come for me to answer some.” It was a little girl’s voice. “These some have seen the dark seer but thirst for more.”

The girl started to speak, “What do you want?” she asked.

“Who are you?” Nathan asked.

“You ask this question often,” she responded. “I am the shadow of a rising moon after the sun has set. I am the echo left in an empty room.”

“That really helped,” Sarah whispered sarcastically. The girl shot a look at Sarah. “Are you a seer like the Dark Seer?” Sarah asked.

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