09 March 2009

Tears of the Crying Rain (final)

“As the rain falls from the sky you can hear her crying. As she cries you can see her tears, not every drop but some are tears and those tears are me.” The girl smiled again. “I am what is left when the rain is given a divine calling.”

Nathan could tell that this didn’t satisfy Sarah’s curiosity. “Who are the people in here, are the agents of the Black Rider?” Nathan was trying to change the subject.

“They are not agents of the Black Rider,” Tears replied, “They have a much darker purpose. The Black Rider does not frequent here, and so they use it while she is gone. They carry the stink of the Stranger with them and their darkness.”

“Do they use the pool then?” Sarah questioned, calmer now than before.

“Of course, why else would they come here? It is not safe here you know, not for just meeting anyway.” Then she added almost off handedly, “there is a blank door here, I’m sure they like that too.”

There was a light laugh in the room, almost a giggle. Tears of the Crying Rain smiled and the light broke out into the tiny lights Sarah and Nathan had seen when they first entered the room. Her eyes were closed again, almost like she was peacefully sleeping.

“The poor children, they cannot ask me anymore questions,” the voice said. Then the light humming came back and faded away.

“The blank door must be in the main room where they had gathered,” Sarah whispered, “I wonder how they use it.”

“I wondered what caused the echo she came from,” Nathan said thinking out loud. He hadn’t really been listening to Sarah. “I mean, she said she was an echo, something has to cause the echo. Right?”

Sarah agreed, though she wasn’t sure what could have caused such an echo.

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