02 March 2009

Seer in the Pool (final)

“A Dark Seer to be exact,” the Seer corrected Nathan’s comment. “I can see things that others cannot. I see in the darkest of night to continue give a ray of hope in the piercing blackness.”  

“What do we call you?” Sarah asked. “I am known by many names, but Dark Seer is fine, I am probably the only one you will meet.” The Seer turned his attention back to Nathan. 

“How did you get into the Watergate? Are you okay?” the Seer sounded concerned now.

“We snuck in after a couple of robed figures,” Sarah volunteered. She obviously trusted the Seer more than Nathan.

“You need to leave soon, it isn’t safe.” The Seer was now speaking urgently. “They are gathered for a meeting and after that meeting they will come to the pool.”

Sarah went rigid and slowly turned her head to the grate. “Nathan, they’re coming.” Nathan heard it too, the sound of doors opening and a clanking of metal.

“Go. Go now!” the Seer commanded before disappearing back into the ripples. Sarah grabbed Nathan’s arm and the two headed back to the grate. They could hear some voices coming down the hallway straight ahead so they turned to the right. There were people coming up that hall too. They were trapped. Sarah turned to the door behind them. It was locked. She played with the lock for a moment. The lock clicked and the door opened. Sarah and Nathan quietly backed into the room and closed the door.

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