25 February 2009

The World would be better if...

People would just shoot: We were watching Star Trek last night. It was the episode where Lore (Data's evil twin) comes alive and is trying to give the Enterprise to the Crystaline Entity. Towards the end of the episode Lore is pinned in a transporter bay by Dr. Crusher who has him a "gun point" (set to stun of course). Lore goes into an emotional monolouge that distracts the doctor long enough for him to knock the phaser out of her hand giving him the advantage. Data and Lore then battle until Lore is beamed into space. This reminded Steve and I of an earlier conversation in which we discussed for the world would be a better place if people just acted when they were supposed to. You know the scene, its in almost every movie and show. Our hero is about to conquer the villian through a variety of means and they hesitate. They decide to talk to them, try one more time to reason, or worst of all they listen to the villian's tacky but well rehearsed speech. The oppurtune moment is lost, the hero looses their footing and the carefully arranged plan of defeat is undone. All too often this faltering would never have happened if the hero had just acted sooner.

People would just talk to each other: We recently watched Evan Almighty, in which Evan delays telling his wife about God's instruction to him to build an ark. I found his resistance interesting and it makes my second point. I can't help but think that if Evan had told his wife sooner about what he was doing and why he was doing it, she may have been more understanding.  I think too often we, both men and women, fight too hard to not communicate basic things. These things are probably awkward or silly, which can be most of the reason for not communicating about them, but in the end if someone had said something sooner outcomes could have been much better. My roommate Steve, who is heading home for the weekend, wanted to surprise his friends by just showing up. In the end he decided to tell them thus ruining the surprise but allowing them to make plans without him instead of having to change all their plans once he showed up. In general things work out better with even a little communications.

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  1. Hey, we just watched that episode too. We rent the from the library for free.