28 February 2009

Seer in the Pool (second)

“How is your vision boy?” the voice asked. The eyes and the voice sounded so familiar but he couldn’t think where he had seen and heard them. “What are you doing here?” the voice spoke again, impatient this time. Then Nathan knew: the voice, the face, belonged to the Dark Seer.

“Why do you ask, can’t you can see?” Nathan responded

“No, my sight is limited,” The Seer responded. “Where are you that we can see each other?” Nathan hesitated. He still wasn’t sure where the Dark Seer fit into what was going on. He obviously had some connection to the Watergate.  “Step back for a moment,” the Seer commanded. Nathan obeyed then stepped back to the pool.

“You are in the Watergate,” the Seer said sounding shocked. “How did you get in there?”

Sarah stepped forward to the pool then nudged Nathan. “Who is he?” she asked.

Nathan had almost forgotten that she was there.

“He is a seer I saw after meeting Divine,” Nathan whispered to her.

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